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Luxury Travel To Costa Rica – 5 Places To Consider

download (38)Costa Rica has become a popular travel destination for people from all over the world, and especially the U.S. It’s convenient location, year-round tropical climate and 800 miles of coastlines, create a perfect destination for business or pleasure.

In recent years, some American-based companies have opened nearshore offices in Costa Rica. The country’s educated, talented workforce is an additional incentive for a variety of industries including the information technology sector. And every visitor to Costa Rica, whether for business or pleasure, gets to experience what is characterized as the “Pura Vida” lifestyle. This open and happy culture tends to help people relax and feel at ease.

5 Luxury Accommodations for You to Try During Your Travels to Costa Rica

Whether you’re traveling to Costa Rica for business or pleasure, chances are you’d like to stay somewhere you’ll really enjoy. Be sure to make hotel reservations in advance to get the perfect accommodations for your visit. Check out these 5 luxury travel resorts available in Costa Rica. These places have been selected based on location, amenities and glowing customer reviews:

    1. Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo: Located right on the Gulf of Papagayo, this resort offers a 5-star travel experience with full beach access and free wifi. The resort features multiple pools, gyms, restaurants, bars, tennis courts and golf courses. This resort is the perfect getaway and full of different kinds of entertainment opportunities depending on your needs and interests.
    1. Arenas del Mar Beachfront and Rainforest Resort at Manuel Antonio National Park: Located near rainforests, private trails and white sandy beaches, this resort offers stunning views and activities for thrill seekers. This resort has been awarded the Five Sustainability Leaf Award for its carbon-neutral sustainable lodging and lush neighborhood. This resort is ideal for nature lovers and adventurous souls.
    1. PURE Condo Resort: Located on Herradura Bay, this 5-Star luxury resort allows guests to immerse themselves in the Pura Vida lifestyle and relax by the water. This resort is located one hour away from the international airport, making travel pain-free. This resort allows guests to enjoy a home away from home in beautiful condos perfect for families, couples or those traveling alone. This location offers guests the option to explore local retail shops and get a taste for Costa Rican cuisine at near-by restaurants.
    1. Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort: Located in the center of a tropical rainforest near the exquisite Arenal Volcano, the Tabacon Resort is a destination fit for queens and kings! This resort offers guests something uniquely relaxing — thermal mineral spring rivers that have formed waterfalls, streams, pools and ponds. This tranquil scenery allows guests the opportunity to relax and enjoy nature at its finest. There are plenty of amenities offered at Tabacon, including spa services, restaurants located in the rainforest and superior hotel rooms. This resort creates the most relaxing vacation for every guest.
  1. Fina Rosa Blanca: Located in Santa Barbara, Costa Rica, this coffee plantation and inn was built right in the middle of beautiful gardens producing coffee beans. This resort is easily accessible, located only 20 minutes from the international airport. With breath-taking scenery, delicious dining options and refreshing pool and beach access, this resort offers a luxury experience for any visitor.

As a U.S.-based agile software development company with offices in San Jose, Costa Rica, we’ve come to appreciate all the great places to stay, whether you are visiting for work, pleasure, or a combination of the two. All of these resorts described above offer a unique visitor experience aimed at relaxation and capturing the Pura Vida lifestyle. For more information about visiting Costa Rica, follow our blog to learn some interesting facts about the country, and places to visit during your trip.

David Easterling has been leading software development companies for more than 15 years. David founded Prosoft Consulting with offices in Louisville, KY, and San Jose, Costa Rica. David is a Certified Scrum Master and is an active member of the Scrum and Agile User Group. He is also a member of the National Vistage CEO Leadership Group.


Planning For Exciting Holidays? Essential To Remember

download (39)Everyone looks forward to exciting holidays, but the truth is that your holidays will be as good as your plans for them. When you decide to go on a holiday, you must start planning for the same early enough so that by the time the time comes you will have everything that matters during the holiday taken care of. Planning and getting ready for your vacation is not as challenging as it seems; you simply need to remember a few essentials and you will be on your way to a most fulfilling holiday in your destination of choice.

Travel requirements

They are the most important to remember when planning for a vacation. Different destinations have different travel requirements and you need to be aware of what is expected from your beforehand. Some of the things you should find out about include passport and visa, vaccinations and medications, and insurance. When you know the requirements, then you should start working on them as early as possible to avoid last minute rushes and disappointments

Travel arrangements

If you are going international, the flying is the most probable means of transport to your destination. To have an easy time planning your flight, you can look for the best travel deals online. But if you want to have the little details taken care of, then make your own effort to ensure that you enjoy the best travel possible. In travel arrangements, think about airport transfer, ticketing, flight bookings and luggage weight and size. The airline you choose to use can determine what arrangements are possible. It might be a good idea for you to compare between the airlines before choosing the best in relation to your personal preferences. Make sure you confirm travel date and time a day before you leave.


Hotels still make popular holiday accommodation facilities. By booking the hotel before travelling to your destination, you will be assured that your room will be waiting for you. It saves you from wasting too much time trying to find a good hotel once you are at the destination. When you book your room, then you can go right ahead and start enjoying the holiday as soon as you land in the destination. When thinking accommodation, consider amenities provided for in your room. This will help you in packing right. It also helps to find out whether there are any restrictions during your stay so you can keep up with the rules or look for a better alternative if what you get does not feel good enough. Hotel booking is today made easy because you can compare deals and reserve your room in your preferred hotel online long before you travel.

Destination movement

A vacation cannot be complete until you visit the different areas in your destination. This means you will need to move from one place to another. Car hire is necessary and you must think about it when planning for your holiday. Find out the local options you have and choose the most suitable hire for your stay.

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Why You Should Travel With Your Family

download (40)Families are so important because they are the best companion in the moments of happiness. And when it comes to traveling with the family, the moments of happiness gets doubled. To many people, traveling in a group stands to be more enjoyable than traveling alone. For them, it is always fun-filled to travel with their near or dear ones. Ideally stated, this can turn out to be exceptionally helpful because collective decisions made on vacation can turn out to be more enjoyable. Moreover, it is always good to be traveling with them as everyone can help each other in times of trouble and handle tough situations together. Indeed, the person traveling with family might not be able to get trapped by the strangers on the way.

The more the people; the more one enjoys. Planning a trip on this concept is surely making its way to a memorable journey. It is rightly said that a group of people travel singing and dancing, which may be useful to pass the time easily. This is the reason that one should try traveling with the family more. As known, family comprises of kids and elders likely that give way to varied choices. And exploring the sites as per everyone’s choice allows them to view more things in a journey. In this way, every member of the family will be happy and much satisfied to see their favorite areas of a particular city or town. Traveling with family makes a person elated as in today’s world; one hardly gets time to sit with each other in the family.

An essential thing to consider when traveling with family is that the holiday package needs to be selected on discussing with everyone. By this, it means that the package needs to have every single thing or option that allows every member to enjoy the vacation completely. By taking care of everyone’s need, the traveler can make a journey with his family successful. And most importantly, getting a travel insurance plan is always like playing the safe side. It is because one might not be aware of the fact that what kind of trouble or health issue might knock the door of happiness. For this reason, hard cash might not be sufficient or unnecessary expense might spoil the entire vacation. For this purpose, taking travel insurance is always a good option.

Though, every member of the family is important to be take care of in the traveling time; but, the kids have to be managed most significantly. So, it is essential to schedule the travel time in such a manner that they happen to get enough time to rest. And if they had their part of rest, traveling with them becomes easier because of the cheerful mood as well as they would not feel tired much. Talking about kids, there is a need to have separate small bag always to be taken along that has an extra dress and other essentialities of the kids plus the wet tissues. Keeping them clean on the way makes the kids feel fresh to travel more than it is expected from them.

Packing efficiently and ensuring in a better manner that the traveler needs to carry always a handy bag with items that are immediately required. Wet wipes, snacks and drinks are highly recommended to accompany on every journey, which should be ready all the time. The traveler would also require extra things such as bottles, clothes and diapers. It is always good to possess anything and everything a tourist could perhaps need to manage those unanticipated surprises. Surely, making the trip stress free will necessitates for working on the minutest of essential requirements. The traveler knows best what keeps their children occupied and contented, so use that acquaintance to plan a trip consequently. One thing is sure that the trip can be made successful if the traveler is well-organized and ready to face any challenge on the way.

Another important thing to consider on traveling with family is that one should have enough hard cash with them; besides the credit or debit card because some places accept the cards and others might not. At this point of time, running to an ATM is merely going to waste the time as efforts may go futile on not finding the ATM nearby. Moreover, it could spoil the mood also as the person would not be able to buy the favored things of their family members. This makes it necessary to have enough cash in hand to pay immediately for the products that do not accept credit or debit cards. In this manner, things will remain under control for the travelers and their family.


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What Makes for an Unforgettable Trip to France

download (37)“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” Augustine of Hippo

Are you eager to travel abroad independently, but overwhelmed by the encyclopedia of possibilities? You need to know more than what is possible; you need a plan. And you would prefer to know in advance precisely what you will be doing, and how, for a number of reasons. First you may want to know what your trip will be like so that you can look forward to it–anticipation is always a large part of the enjoyment. Also you want to know exactly how much your trip will cost, and what trade-offs and choices you will need to make to get the most out of your travel budget.

The Kind of Travel You Don’t Want

But, although you need and want to have a plan, you may have outgrown constrained and scripted bus tour travel, or you may never have liked it in the first place. You may have been abroad before, but on a group tour that ended up in a disappointing blur by the time it was over. Or perhaps you opted to strike out on your own, but became frustrated that you were missing out for lack of a clear idea of what you were doing.

These less than optimum experiences even may have discouraged you from future traveling. Still, at some point, you may hope to discover a different style of travel that is more immersive and engaging. Even though you know what type of travel does not meet your expectations and ideals, the vision and possibility of what travel can be may still intrigue you.

What Makes for a Trip That is Unforgettable?

For a trip to be unforgettable, first and foremost it is essential that you travel independently, but with a well-designed trip plan, preferably one that has been personally carried out and perfected by actual experienced travelers who can point your way. Second you need the freedom to adapt the trip plan to your likings, your schedule, your physical stamina, your special interests.

Third, it is key that your movements from place to place be manageable and comfortable. In France, Italy, and elsewhere in Europe, this means traveling by train. In the USA and Canada, you will need the right mix of cars, trains, trams, trolleys and boats to keep your trip relaxing and fun. Fourth, you will need to have enough time in each place to actually “be there” and make yourself at home-to locate your favorite bakery, outdoor market, wine shop, cheese shop, deli and cafés.

Fifth, your trip will be made more unforgettable when you connect with the locals and experience their country, city or village through their eyes. Sixth, you will benefit from some pre-planning about how to balance your budget, alternating between splurges and economies (like picnics, which can be delightful in themselves). And seventh, your memories will be preserved even longer when you bring home treasures that will call to mind your experiences and encounters every time you use them or look at them.

Silent Guides to Support Your Travels

Join us on a series of remarkable and memorable 2-week Great Trips (with 1-week versions also available) to France, to Italy, elsewhere in Europe, and in the USA and Canada. Your trips will be rich in experiences you will remember forever… experiences that will have an impact on you and your approach to life. Each of these will be a “trip of a lifetime.”

History to walk around in. Phenomenal food. Parks and cafés. People-watching opportunities. Eating outdoors, with views of cathedrals, or rivers, or châteaux, or the tides coming in. Villages and old towns, some walled, some tiny, some medieval, some situated within a larger city, some perched on hilltops. Children in the squares, laughing as they ride the town Merry-go-Round. Fountains and gardens, with benches for pausing. Outdoor markets. Charming shops. Unexpected encounters. Vivid memories.

With a Great Trip book as your guide-on-the-side and companion, prepare yourself for a new experience in international travel, with no “get back to the bus”! You will not be traveling in a group. But you will not be alone out there on your own either. And so the quality of your experience will significantly surpass that of any group or ad hoc trip you’ve taken in the past.

You will know exactly what to do, why you want to do it, and how to do it, every step of the way. As you read a Great Trip book, you will begin to envision your trip in vivid detail and anticipate being there. You will be guided through the process of making the optimum arrangements without breaking the bank, then preparing yourself well for a successful journey, with clear information about needs you will encounter during your trip and options to address those needs.

Then you will be ready to embark on a kind of travel that will immerse and absorb you so completely, you will return home already planning where you want to travel next. You will feel well-prepared, well-guided, safe, confident, empowered and inspired to set off on your own travel odyssey.

Carolee Duckworth is an avid traveler, an experienced trip designer, and co-author of the book “Your Great Trip to France: Loire Chateaux, Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy & Paris,” now available on Amazon. Please join our “Great Trip Travel Insider” network at to be notified when each new trip in the Great Trip series is available, and to receive updated travel tips, discounts, and the free booklet “How to Pack Like a Pro.”